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Friday, September 11, 2009


I remember like everyone else what I was doing on this day.
We lived in North Carolina on a Marine base. I had just started mowing the neighbor came out and said the twin towers are being attacked!!! I ran in and was glued to the T.v... I called my hubby who was about 20 miles away on another base...The bases were locked down!!! I could not get to my hubby!!!I had one little girl at home and my son was at school on base I knew he was safe I didn't want to over-react... I left him there..I later regretted that..he said mom everyone but a few of us were picked up by their parents...I just felt being on military base locked down he was safe...I remember the day my hubby left for Iraq...I remember all of us wives feeling the worst we had ever felt..wandering..worrying..trying to be strong ..but knowing our loved ones would be leaving soon to fight this war... I Remember BEING SOOOO proud of my hubby..but so scared for me and my kiddos...I remember the if it were today!!! I hope and pray for the families of the tragedy that peace may come one day...I pray for our heroes.. all of them..Firefighters..(my brother is one) civilians,redcross....soldiers...(my hubby and all our friends) Our nation!!! I you????

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  1. Dear Ann,I'm still not getting your newest posts through my feed,so I am going to try this,first I'm going to stop following you and then follow again,hoping that will fix the problem. Wish me luck.


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I love this Chapel on base

I love this Chapel on base