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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hi guy's...just wanting to wish you all a God filled day~!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Brave soldier

Everyone this is a friend of the family...Please pray for them. David was 23 years old, 2 weeks from coming home..was attacked by insurgents and would not give up. He had injuries and died in surgery. He leaves behind a Fiancee.Mother 2 sisters and younger brother....Thanks


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Two young girls killed in Haiti

Guys I need to let you all know two students from our schools here on Ft  Meade were killed in HAITI.they had went to a relitives funeral and were on the bottom floor of a hotel. They were both young girls one went to middle school with my daughter she was in 6th grade..the other was in 3 rd grade please keep their families as well as everyone else in this country in your prayers.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lets go on a trip~!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Well guys after my last post my Father-in-law called me. He was upset with me for what I posted. You know the funny thing?He was more upset that I called it a cute LITTLE trailor?" It wasnt little" he said I lived in smaller...I was just saying it was a small home ,you know you normally start out in a smaller home and move up as the family whole issue was it was never a gift to me... This is a man who has called me the B word twice once in my own home..then he calls my home and tells me all the things that upset him...Wow so much for it being a NEW year looks like my life is going to be the same old thing with my in-laws..Thank God I have wondeful parents and a family that loves me for  who I am..I know I am a blessing to others, but these two people make me feel like I am beneath them...when I met my hubby his parents were divorcing..he talked with me about it the first night we met ..he was  a very sad young man..came home one day and his mom was gone..she didnt even tell him where she was for a long time,,,he worked two blocks from her  home and didnt even know it..she was having an affair with a married man and it was a friend of the family,she didnt want him to show up at her house and this man be there..neither of his parents have been at the the births of my children...I can  count the birthday partys they have attended  on one hand...Bruces dad babysat Chad a few times the mother in law has never watched my children ever... So I have decided after 22 years of this I am finished..I have cut all contact with them ...all. I have not done this in 22 years because I was raised  that family is family no matter what~!  but I can see I have never been family to them never..Sorry to  be so long winded but you know I have prayed so hard about this situation..and I am always the bad some things are better not in your life because they are like we'll see how their relationship goes without me in it..behind the scenes going Bruce why dont you call your dad-mom? You really should call because no matter what they are your sir I will not do it anymore...I will continue to pray for them and me, but I feel at peace~!  i dont feel like I'm a bad person at all.   Please  pray for us pray for peace...onto to other news I have been praying so hard for the people of Haiti..I have been talking with the kids about this..My 7 year old is a little young, but his heart when he has brought grown men to tears... my daddys prayer group always ask Blake to pray at the meetings..I'm telling you God has plans for this I wish him to be a lawyer..Dr? No be  a preacher ~!  So lets remember them in our prayers I cannot imagine the pain in that Country...Onto another my home town in Plant City Fl...the winter has been rough..the Strawberry Capitiol of the world..the farmers have been watering the berries day and night to try and save their crops..well they have used so much water that in my town right now there is 50 sink holes~! not to mention the wells that have went dry because of all the water being know they try and freeze the berries during a freeze it layers them and saves them keep my town in your prayers also....I hope you all have a Blessed week...


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hi ~!

Hi guys..I have been taking it easy lately. Just realizing how fast time goes 2010. I have been thinking about changes and I'm happy to say I have started making better choices in the food area. choosing salads alot lately. I may  be starting work here on base soon as the background check comes back..My life has really changed ,kids back in school, no more Homeschooling,working again after years of not working,moved  2 times in the past yaer and a half. Still missing my family in Florida ,ALOT  ! after being able to be there for 2 and half years it is still hard not seeing them. I hope my Mamma gets to come soon we are trying to plan a trip for her, and hopefully we all get to go HOME for spring break..Morgan my 11year old said to me the other day when we go home to visit I want to see all my family members ~! all of them especially her Godparents...who are so awesome we all love them so much so many laughs when were all together . I hope all of you have been having a Happy New Year..even with all this frigid weather..can you believe it snowed in Florida? I remember it snowed in 76-or 77.   I was in first grade what a site it was so awesome...I have even started trying to have a relationship  with my Mother-in law..lonnnnnnnnnng story ! My hubby isnt ready for his relationship with her to get better,but I pray for this family daily...I remember some of her first words to me were , I enjoy him more when your not around.. My father -in -law when we married bought our first home a little single wide trailor ..cute little place to call home..however he refused to put it  in my name also just his and my husbands only , just in case we divorced ..I could not take the for many years  this is how I have lived, his parents are divorced have been since we got married..His mother did send Christmas gifts to our Children this year dont know what a miracle that was...anyway this is some of the things I am trying to do ,saying I'm sorry even when things were not my fault,trying to be the better person after all they have to answer for their actions..and me for life is what you make it and I'm ready to move on to better things and happier times how about Y'all?

Friday, January 1, 2010

happy New Year~!

Are you all cooking today? What are your traditions? We always have.Black eyed peas..greens...and Hog Jaws,,,,I wish you all a Happy ,Healthy ...New Year~!

Many Blessing's


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I love this Chapel on base