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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Please watch this if you get a Chance..
I saw this over My aimless infatuation..I do not know how to post videos Yet..So I hope this helps..My hubby watched it with me and like it...

Happy Veterans Day...

Happy Veterans day all..and to my wonderful hubby Bruce..Thank You for serving our Country...defending our freedom and doing it with a smile..~~You are my hero baby..
I hope we all remember why this day is soooooooooo special..wishing you all a great day..remember Ft Hood families...all of the base I'm sure they are all in shock. You have a sense of security on base so I'm sure the whole base needs to be remembered. Lets remember those who have served and right now are at Walter Reed.and other hospitals all for us to have the freedom we have, to do and say, all we do and say. This is my hubby in Iraq..he is a Religious Program specialist his job in a time of war is to Guard his Chaplain .He has agreed to take a bullet for his Chaplain..Bruce was medi vacked  home
his first stop in the states was here at Andrews this is were all the wounded heros fly into .This base is their first look at the United States after a long journey.We see them going and picking them up weekly...they go about 5's a convoy of vehicles
I'm sure they cant go any faster because of the injuries..I'll try and get pics of that and post soon...


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Me and Bruce

Me and Bruce

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I love this Chapel on base

I love this Chapel on base