Please come in and enjoy yourself.....

I hope you enjoy my attempt at blogging.
I am sure I will not do it half as good as you seasoned bloggers....I do enjoy reading all blogs...BLESSING'S TO YOU ALL,,If you visit please leave a comment's always nice to know a friend has stopped by...Blessing's

Friday, May 29, 2009

Hi..and cranberry salad

Hello to all.I hope you all in blogland are all well. I am getting this.Now I have to figure out how to post pictures for Kellys blog.We live in Millitary housing .It is old housing. We are supposed to moving to a new house soon. They are consrtucting new ones all over base. We live on Andrew's AFB. This as far North as I have ever lived.And yes I say North.When you cant get sweet tea in a reasturant it's the North people.And I dont like the cold weather 6-7 mnths out of the year. I was born and Raised in Florida.Some do not consider that the South but I do..especially when all your family raising you is from Alabama and Mississippi .I am a southern girl.. I too like all things from the south.Hey I have a good recipe for ya'll. Cranbery salad..

1-can of whole cranberry
1-can of peach pie filling
1- small can of mandarin oranges drained
mix all ingrediants and chill.
My kids love this. I wanted to incorporate cranbery for Thanksgiving and this come up.. I would like to ask for forgivness in my spelling and grammer..I have never been good at typing.. so I am still learning,,Thanks for all the support...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Goodmorning Everyone..

Well I have alot to do today. I am still spring cleaning.
I have to get the kids portfolios together for review. I
am not looking forward to that. I have enjoyed the comments.
I really love Pickets Place and she left me a comment yay!!!
I would love to go sit in her home and have a glass of sweet tea.
I love her home and her decorating style. She makes you feel at home.
I dont think I would want to leave. The bloggers I follow are like celeberties..
I want their autographs..Well I hope you all have a great day!!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hi guys
I have gotten a few comments yay!!! I love reading blogs,so we will see how writing one goes. Well I got my oldest sons room done .He said thanks mom i have a ton more room in here. I guess he does!! you can now see the floor and the closet has a top and bottom that was a tough job ,Chad is 18 and graduated this year .HE is still trying to find himself,moving to a new state your senior year and then being homeschooled on top of that. Well lets just say he is an awesome kid!! God has blessed me with my children. I told Chad not to rush he has a long road ahead of him he can live with us and go to school as long as he goes to school full time if not he has to work!! I will not support a grown man.. he has so many things he wants to do so this will be a long journey for him. I want to make sure he is sure of himself and his dreams before he goes into the world on his own...I need help in leaning how to let go? How do you let them spraed their wings? How after many nights of siiting up with them when their sick,first day of school, first words..letting them drive on their own the first do you let them leave the nest? Blessing's to you all...


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fall family photo

Morgan's Girlscouting Days

The Blakester and his dad figureing out life (ya right)

She loves her dad...

The Last Parade night at Marine Barracks Washington were President and Mrs. Bush where guests of honor.

Here they are taking a photo with the barracks masscot, Chesty the 13th.

Dinning Room

My youngest with his super heros

My Family from Alabama

I have to figure out how to put pictures on here? and make it prettier...any ideas...
Thank You to all who posted comments...yay..It is another cleaning day.. trying to clean closets and bedrooms wow!!! how do we accummulate all this stuff? I mean we move evry 3-4 years. Wow the stuff you collect. I hope you all have a wonderful day. Again thank you all who read my blog..I feel like a real blogger now. It is almost like you guys are celeberties to me and you said Hi!! to me!!! I'm still excited.....

Blessing's Ann

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial day everyone..

My husband is active duty Navy.. So today was a lazy day..cooked out and cleaned ha!!
My mom called first thing this morning and thanked my husband for his service to our Country!!
Cooked some pecan pie muffins and Neiman Marcas bars.. I have to post some more recipes soon.. Memorial day is special to us.. We are a Military family ,,My Dad Was Army,His Dad Navy,His grandfather Marine...mine Army..lots of family has served over the God Bless you all that serve and Thank you all...Blessings..


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hello all. I hope everyone had a great Saturday.We went to the pool and spent 3 hrs and I'm red on one side. So I guess I have to go back and get the other side? I tried the fudge pie that was posted on Fly thru my windows blog... It was awesome,,thanks for the recipe... Blessing's to all...


Friday, May 22, 2009

5th Day

It's Friday!!! YaY.. It is a three day weekeend for us.. I need a break.
I was in Florida last week for my Dad's surgery.Then coming home and catching up on home schooling well it has made me really tired.I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Good Morning!!
It is my fourth day... How long do these things take? I need to learn how to go from one blog to another. My daughter has testing all week. The homeschoolers get together and test . Yesterday was an easy dinner night TACO'S everyone of us love them so I cant lose making those.I would like to post another recipe...Maybe tommorow. Blessings


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Third Day

Well it is my third day? I still have no readers. But I am gonna keep going.
One day I will have readers. I hope some of the blogs I read will take a look at mine .I have no idea how to let them know I read their blogs and now I have my own. .Take care all... Ann

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bluberry cobbler

Well it is my second day...yay!!! I have a recipe I would like to share.
It is Bluberry Cobbler.3 ingredients---

1-can of bluberry pie filling
1-box white cake mix.
1-stick of butter melted

place pie filling in bottom of 9x13
place cake mix over that
pour melted butter over that
bake at 350 for around 30 minuates....Enjoy

Monday, May 18, 2009


My name is Ann. I love reading blogs so I thought I would try one myself.
I hope I enjoy blogging as much as I enjoy reading them. So here goes. I live in Md. I am happily married to Bruce. We have 3 children, Chad(18), Morgan (11), Blake(6). We are a Navy family. I currently homeschool . This is all the info I can currently think of. I am sure I will be adding more at a later time.. Ann

Me and Bruce

Me and Bruce

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I love yard sales,I love Sweet Tea, I love Steel Magnolias, I love Paula Deen,I loveeeeee the South, I love My hubby...and our Military

I love this Chapel on base

I love this Chapel on base