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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hi ~!

Hi guys..I have been taking it easy lately. Just realizing how fast time goes 2010. I have been thinking about changes and I'm happy to say I have started making better choices in the food area. choosing salads alot lately. I may  be starting work here on base soon as the background check comes back..My life has really changed ,kids back in school, no more Homeschooling,working again after years of not working,moved  2 times in the past yaer and a half. Still missing my family in Florida ,ALOT  ! after being able to be there for 2 and half years it is still hard not seeing them. I hope my Mamma gets to come soon we are trying to plan a trip for her, and hopefully we all get to go HOME for spring break..Morgan my 11year old said to me the other day when we go home to visit I want to see all my family members ~! all of them especially her Godparents...who are so awesome we all love them so much so many laughs when were all together . I hope all of you have been having a Happy New Year..even with all this frigid weather..can you believe it snowed in Florida? I remember it snowed in 76-or 77.   I was in first grade what a site it was so awesome...I have even started trying to have a relationship  with my Mother-in law..lonnnnnnnnnng story ! My hubby isnt ready for his relationship with her to get better,but I pray for this family daily...I remember some of her first words to me were , I enjoy him more when your not around.. My father -in -law when we married bought our first home a little single wide trailor ..cute little place to call home..however he refused to put it  in my name also just his and my husbands only , just in case we divorced ..I could not take the for many years  this is how I have lived, his parents are divorced have been since we got married..His mother did send Christmas gifts to our Children this year dont know what a miracle that was...anyway this is some of the things I am trying to do ,saying I'm sorry even when things were not my fault,trying to be the better person after all they have to answer for their actions..and me for life is what you make it and I'm ready to move on to better things and happier times how about Y'all?

Me and Bruce

Me and Bruce

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I love this Chapel on base

I love this Chapel on base