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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy Birthday ,Chase

16 years ago today I gave birth to a little baby boy..he was beautiful to me and his Daddy...~! He was perfect...However God chose to have him come and live with him on that day~! We miss him still...this day is so hard for us,,,,But I wanted to let you all know about Chase.....

Oh precious one
I know that you're not here
I think about you every day
Feel your presence near

I wanted you to feel the water
Underneath your feet
But the Lord said "I'm your Living Water"

I wanted you to see the rocks
And play like little boys do
But the Lord told me "You stand upon the solid rock"

For I know the plans, that I have for you
For good, a future, and a hope

My precious one
A myriad of colors
God painted just for you
The brightness of the morning sun
All things fresh and new

I wanted you to hear the sound
Of birds up in the sky
But the Lord said "You sing with angels"

I wish that I could hear you laugh
As you played with all your toys
But the Lord said "now you laugh with joy"

For I know the plans, that I have for you
For good, a future, and a hope

I'll see you smile one day
As you dance and play
You're in the Father's loving hands.


  1. "I'll see you smile one day". Yes you will Ann,yes you will. God Bless you and I am so sorry for your loss. "Farther along we'll understand why".((hugs)).

  2. Your baby is beautiful! I'm sure he is a handsome young man too. I love your blog.



  3. Ann I am so sorry for your heartfelt loss. He was a beautiful baby and I know he is with God now. I will pray for you and your family. You are a wonderful and kind hearted person.

    Thank you for your friendship.


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