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Saturday, October 17, 2009


Hi everyone...I hope ya'lls weather is better than ours. I know up the road a bit in P.A. they had snow..ouch!!! It has been raining about 4 days now and cold in the 40's...hello Florida..yes I miss Florida..It is hard for a Florida girl born and raised to get used to was to cold to me to even swim this year. My kids did and would ask Mom are you getting!!! I did maange to get  in  about 3 times..I like my water like bath water,, warm...I enetered a giveaway on another sitewww.
I went thirfting today ,me and hubby...not alot of deals but very crowded I guess everyone was getting out of the weather...I did manage to find some homeschooling books..I hope you all have a great day..and weekend
Many Blessing's



  1. The tree's are pretty there and I know what you mean about the weather. I think I have saw the sun once in about 3 weeks. It's suppose to be nice here next week,naturally cause I have to work those days. You have a good weekend too.

  2. Hi Ann,
    It does look cold but still such pretty and scenic photos. You are a wonderful and talented photgrapher. We are getting colder too! Brrrr...:)

    Many blessings to you this weekend.
    ~Enjoy~! ~Melissa :)

  3. Hi Ann, Its nice to meet you!
    I hope your weather gets better...we have had alot of rain here too!
    I guess that is better then snow!

    Thank you for following my blog, posting about my give away and for leaving a sweet comment!

    Good Luck

  4. Hey Girl, How have you been today? I haven't been up to much today,just killing time tweaking my blog. Not much more than that to do on a lazy day. When your alone and kids are all grown and gone you have to stay busy doing something,sorry,I didn't mean to start a pity party. It finally stopped raining,thank goodness and the sun came out today. It's still chilly here but suppose to be 65 tomorrow and warmer after that. Of course the warmer it gets that will just bring back the rain. Maybe it will dry up enough for me to get some yard work done. I hope. Just thought I'd drop in and say hello,Have a good one.

  5. Your trees are beautiful there! We have FINALLY gotten out of our rainy pattern we were in and today it was sunny and chilly. Just how I LOVE it!


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